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"Maximilian" Wolfberry Juice, "Maximilian"Wolfberry Vinegar, "Maximiian" QQ Waxy Corn

Guangzhou Express Marketing Ltd.
Country:China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
Established Time:2010
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Guangzhou Express Marketing Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Hong Kong Creative Marketing Ltd. in Mainland China. We have established close and cooperative relationship with a German Company - D.O.G.G.e.K., and successfully acquired the use right of Famous German Food Brand "Maximilian". Moreover, we have been a supplier of "Mamimilian" food on long-term basis.

Presently, our company is cooperating with Shanxi and Ningxia Plant Bases, producing a series of Health Natural Foods ----- "Maximilian" Organic Wolfberry Juice, "Maximilian" Organic Wolfberry Vinegar & Pure Natural Roughage and "Maximilian" QQ Waxy Corns.
The Organic Wolfberry base in Ningxia covers an area of 10000 acres. We adopt German technologies. Our products have been the best organic wolfberry drinking in China by now. They are sold well in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Korea and Japan.

In addition, our company has also cooperated with Feng He Yuan Farmer Cooperative of Waxy Corn in Zuoquan County of Shanxi to process and produce "Maximilian" QQ Waxy Corns. The planting area reaches 50000 acres, and the plant is one of the largest waxy corn implantation bases in China. Moreover, it has been assessed as "the best waxy corn implantation area" by China Ministry of Agriculture. The waxy corns planted in this area have following features: soft, waxy and fragrant. They are processed with the most advanced technology in the world without adding Antiseptic or Coloring matter or Essence. The whole process from picking to packaging lasts no more than 6 hours. After ultra high temperature sterilization, our products are well sealed and can be preserved for a year under common temperature. These products are mainly exported to Germany, Korea and Japan, while they are also on sale in Carrefour and Vanguard in Mainland China.

We sincerely welcome global clients to visit our company for business negotiation, cooperation and joint-implantation.

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Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
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Year Established: 2010
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